About Us

From NY, Italy, to Miami

 The Tribal House  Crew is the brainchild of Charlie Dee Diaz, a combination of his underground production with the vocals and songwriting of his wife, Maria Giambanco Diaz

Charlie Dee Diaz is a South Florida-based DJ and producer, from The Bronx and he’s no stranger to the music scene. Diaz has been DJing since 1979, and is known as one of the premier editors in the business working with partner Jose Chep Nunez as the Diamond 2 in the 80's and worked on many classic dance records.  He also worked with Omar Santana on several projects including the dance/pop classic "Hooked on You" by Sweet Sensation. He started out as a hip-hop DJ in The Bronx at the Shorehaven Beach Club skating rink.  From there, he quickly made connections and obtained his own radio show in New York, playing hip-hop and club music on Saturday nights.
In 1985, he remixed his first hit “Let’s go all the way” by SlyFox on Capitol Records, From there, he began remixing and editing tracks more regularly, including dance classics such as All & All by Joyce Sims, Como tu te llama by Sly Fox,  Hooked on you by Sweet Sensation, and Hungry for your love by Hanson and Davis. He has also worked on four No. 1 Billboard hits,  2 of them belonging to  R&B legend Tony Terry, produced by Ted Currier.  Lovey Dovey and With You are 2 R&B classics.  In the late ‘90s, he found licensing success working on music on two movies, TAP with a house track by Tony Terry titled Forget the Girl,  Enemy Territory,  and MTV’s Made. In 2014 Sony Playstation licensed “Let’s go all the way” for the “Grand Theft Auto 5“ T.V. and online campaign. Today, he produces house, tech house, and Tribal house music, as the Tribal House Crew, most recently on Oscar Gs label, Made in Miami . Follow us on Spotify